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Instituted December 4, 1896

Chartered October 13, 1897



On Saturday November 25, 2017, 74 excited passengers assembled in the room with proper documents in hand to get ready to board the SS Fair Winds Cruise ship for a one year cruise that would take them to many exotic destinations. Our captain Pam Marshall and her First Mate Wayne Seaman guaranteed us that this cruise would be an exciting one filled with many surprises.

Our Admiral Sharon Jakse and her assistant Sandy Seaman instructed the crew members as to what their duties would be for the following year. All was ready for boarding and all the passengers were escorted to their cabins and then to the dining room for the first of many delicious meals.

Our first port of call was the lovely island of Oahu Hawaii where some passengers disembarked and took a shore excursion to Pearl Harbor to board the Arizona Memorial and pay tribute to those who fought in the war. While in port the Captain and the First Mate remained on board to sign the manifest of those who have commanded the ship in prior years. Later that evening in the dining room, Happy Birthday was sung to those celebrating birthdays in this port.

Our next port of call was Christmas Island, the ship was decorated in Holiday decorations, passengers were told to wear their finest attire to dinner that evening, even Santa came on board to spend the day with all and led a sing along in the theater for the evenings entertainment.

We had a few days at sea and the crew members instructed us in safety measures on the ship as well as the history of the cruise ship. For new cruisers lessons were given as to what duties each crew members were responsible for.

The next port of call was Valentine Island, local women of the island treated the passengers to a local dish called pie. There were many different kinds to try and all passengers thought it was a wonderful treat. Back in the dining room that evening, we again sang Happy Birthday to the First Mate Wayne as he celebrated his birthday.

Easter Island was next on the itinerary, natives wore colorful clothes and the Easter holidays were celebrated in several shore excursions. While in port a visitor came aboard to spend the evening. Cathy Burnham, Chief Deputy for the Cruise Line, and several of her officers came to check the crew that they were following all the regulations that were required of them. All was in order and the cruise was allowed to proceed on its voyage.

Family Island was in sight and all women on the ship received a beautiful flower delivered to their cabin by Demolay cabin stewards. Those visiting the island were very impressed by a colony of young boys from Denbrook Demolay. Spring birthdays were again celebrated in the dining room that evening.

A special day at sea was planned to honor our Admiral Sharon Jakse for her years of service as she plans to retire from sailing to a life of leisure. The crew planned a special party with a wonderful meal, even her family was flown in by helicopter to help honor her.

The cook decided to treat the passengers to something different for dinner this night. The cook and his helpers set up grills at the pool area and a wonderful barbeque supper was held in the beautiful warm weather. The passengers joined in singing Happy Birthday to the ships Captain, Pam,.

Many days at sea followed so passengers were able to enjoy the warm weather, at the pool, or hot tub, in the casino or enjoying all the other events happening on the ship.

Once again the ship stopped at a port, Birthday Island, some natives wore traditional dresses of the time, shops were busy selling pins to take home as treasures to keep. A delicious dinner was served on the island, complete with birthday cake.

Africa was the next stop for the next three days. We docked at a village called Kalihari and several passengers disembarked the ship and took an excursion there to see some visiting crew members from other ships.

Sports Island was one of the final ports of call, there passengers could take excursions to Brown Town, Indian Village, and Buckeye Land. T shirts representing each area were purchased by all and worn all over the ship that evening. 

We were heading for home and had one more port to see. The beautiful islands of the Caribbean awaited each passenger. Tropical wear and beautiful scenery abounded. The natives were so very friendly and final gifts for families were purchased.

Finally the ship headed for home after a wonderful year of cruising. Many memories were made at each port during the cruise. Passengers returned home with their treasures, some with sunburns, all a few pounds heavier and wallets a little lighter.

Captain Pam and First Mate Wayne, your cruise has ended. Hopefully you will have many wonderful memories to reflect on during long winter evenings. Your crew salutes you for guiding the SS Fair Winds on a successful and interesting voyage. You are both to be commended for a job well done.

Respectfully Submitted

Babette Schad









Charter Roll

Bailey, Mrs. Myra
Beardsley, Mr. Edwin J.
Beardsley, Mrs. Eva
Beck, Mrs. Sarah
Bosworth, Mr. Charles R.
Bosworth, Mrs. Ella A.
Burnham, Mr. Marshall Y.
Burnham, Mrs. Sarah
Clapp, Mrs. Nina
Cook, Mr. Marshall A.
Cook, Mrs. Sarah
Doane, Mrs. Abigal
Gilbreath, Mr. Charles L.
Gilbreath, Mrs. Clara B.
Godwin, Mrs. Olive
Hall, Mr. Lemuel A.
Hall, Mrs. Mary J.
Haskins, Mr. Charles C.
Haskins, Mrs. Rowena
Hoffman, Mrs. Lola E.
Matteson, Mr. Frank S.
Mayo, Mr. Frank
Mayo, Mrs. Rose
McIIrath, Mr. Charles H.
McIIrath, Mrs. Martha
Parsons, Mrs. Mary E.
Parsons, Mr. William F.
Raymer, Mr. Charles T.
Raymer, Mrs. Mary J.
Rogers, Mr. David H.
Rogers, Mrs. Marcia
Russell, Mrs. Annie
Russell, Dr. A. N.
Sheppard, Mrs. Caroline
Sheppard, Mr. Frederick J.
Sisson, Mrs. Jennie
Sisson, Mr. John L.
Snow, Mrs. Eva
Snow, Mr. Forrest O.
Thieman, Mr. Andrew J.
Thieman, Mrs. Marion
Tyler, Mr. Allen
Tyler, Mrs. Minnie
Waite, Mr. Andrew J.
Waite, Mrs. Estella
Wilcoxson, Mr. Frank F.
Wilcoxson, Mrs. Mary



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